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Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving The TreeHouse is now providing our own exciting and exclusive new Expedition Diving Tours.


The nutrient rich waters, flowing with the tide, through the Tigak Islands from the Bismarck Sea and Pacific Ocean attract a vast range of marine species.

We have our own professional dive facilities and depart with groups or individuals from Kavieng Harbor daily. With dive sites like Albatross Passage, Eucha Patch, Byron Passage, Steffan Straight and Planet Passage there is the  opportunity to swim with swirling trevelly or barracuda, observe eagle rays & mobies, white tip, black tip or whaler sharks. There is also a family of Silver Tip oceanic sharks for the enthusiast located on the outer atolls which require a special charter.

The range of hard and soft corals are abundant and so are the turtles. There is micro diversity on the inner reefs that is hard to beat anywhere. Enthusiast wreck diver can find a selection of WWII aircraft like the Jake or Mitchell B25 Bomber or vessels like the Japanese mother  ship to the 25mtr submarine still sitting upright in 20 meters of water on a white sand bottom. The TreeHouse provides scuba diving daily with free transfers to Kavieng for each day of great diving with our own professional Dive Guides.  

TreeHouse Diving & U/W Expeditions

Includes air tanks, weight belt, boat transport,

dive guide, refreshments between dives, reef fees. Special discounts for Dive Groups or individual bookings for 3 days or more.   

THV-20 Scuba Diving - World Class diving daily with Treehouse Diving 


Snorkeling  Snorkel equipment is also available for hire should you wish to bubble around viewing the colorful corals and small tropical fish on the reef in front of the TreeHouse. Our sandy lagoon reaches out for 100 meters in front of the resort where it joins the colorful main coral reef. 

THV-22 Reef Snorkel Guided Tour - Our PADI Dive Master will introduce you to safe snorkeling



Surfing  The surfing season is from November to April with swells reaching our northern


shores from the typhoon activity in the Northern Hemisphere. There are left and right hander's at the Kavieng harbour entrance, a selection of breaks on the nearby islands and along the coast from the Treehouse. Day trips or outer island expeditions should be advance booked with your accommodation.

THV-26 Surfin Surfari - in search of the perfect wave we follow the coast


Expeditions - your choice - Diving, Cultural, Snorkelling, Photographic or Adventure

Looking for a slice of real adventure......... we now provide special dive expeditions departing Kavieng monthly. The expeditions explore New Hanover Island and atolls to reach New Irelands best dive sites.

We travel as a small group in one or two large banana boats with canopies.

The vessel is equipped with air tanks, portable dive compressor, dive gear, ice box, provisions,  fuel, .. etc. We stay at our favorite village guest houses and enjoy the local hospitality. These are not luxury cruises but a real Expeditions with a real element of adventure. 

Exploring New Hanover is an exciting diving experience. I know the area well having explored it many times with my previous live-aboard dive charter vessel 'SV Taleo Tambu' and can assure you the diving will blow you away..... it is World Class !

You can expect to get three dives a day. A fourth night dive may also be available if you wish. Most dives are done in the mornings where possible. Persons choosing to join this Expedition should be reasonably fit. We are going out to a very remote region, occasionally strong currents = more fish, most dive sites are on the outer reef and some are coastal shoals, schooling pelagics, close-up with turtles, marine amphitheatre, silvertip sharks, WWII wrecks, submarine, the worlds best soft corals, unpredictable locals, much local food, fresh fish and mumu's. If need be... in an emergency we can get back to Kavieng within 3 hours.

The cost includes everything ( contact us ) from the time you arrive in Kavieng.... until you depart. Transfers, 2 nights accommodation at the TreeHouse Village Resort, dive expedition transport, island accommodation (simple village guesthouse), diving and reef fees. Includes all meals ( some local food & freshly caught fish) accommodation as available (will have mosquito nets) and may camp. We will be sleeping in local traditional houses with minimum facilities, washing in streams, catching and eating our own fish etc.

The following is the proposed 6 day diving itinerary.  It is variable to cope with any changes in the weather or other options. There will be a minimum of three dives offered each day with the occasional night dive. The 6 day dive expedition (total 8 days) is mostly in the  New Hanover Is. area. 

Departures in 2009 are monthly.

Day 1  - Meet at Kavieng Airport transfer to TreeHouse, accommodation and meals. Expedition  Briefing.  Overnight TreeHouse twin-share beach bungalow.

Day 2  - Depart 7 am depart Kavieng to Dive1 - Blow Hole checkout dive, Dive2 Turtle Reef,  Dive3 Analewa Is. plane, optional D4 night dive for Blue Ribbon Eels. Over night Mansava G/H Tsoi Is. 

Day 3  - Dive1 Silvertip Sharks, Dive2 Big Fish Reef, depart for Three Is. Harbour. Dive3 Afternoon or Night dive soft corals. O/N Camp at Tunung Island. 

Day 4  - D1 Japanese Freighter- nudibranchs & rays, D2 Submarine, transfer to Ao Island . D3 Afternoon or night dive at Ao. O/N at Ao Village G/H.

Day 5  - D1 Chapman's Reef Amphitheatre.... a world of fish in one location, D2 same, D3 Ao Pinnacles, D4 night dive inner reef.

Day 6  - D1 Coral Garden Umbukul.  Transit to Ranmelek possible D2 Wall on the way. D2 / 3 Channel entrance, D4 Night dive. O/N Ranmelek Village Home Stay. 

Day 7  - D2 Planet Channel - Moby's & Eagle Rays, D2 Steffan Straight outer patches - palegics, D3 Albatross Passage wallReturn to TreeHouse meals and overnight Twin share bungalow.

Day 8  - Transfer from TreeHouse Village Dive Resort to Kavieng Airport.

Please note the above itinerary locations may change due to diver preferences or weather.

You will need your own dive gear except weights and tanks which we provide. I would suggest you bring some backup gear also. We will have some spare parts too, lots of sun block, sun hat, insect repellant, reef shoes travel insurance, etc. 

Contact me direct now to book.... Capt. Alun Beck,  PADI Master Diver


Expedition Diving   Exclusive 'Over-Night' or up to 6 day outer-island dive expeditions can be provided but these expeditions need to be advanced booked as there is considerable logistic in regard to site approvals, transport & provisioning, accommodation etc. 

THV-50 Exclusive Expeditions - Follow your dream on land or sea..... personalized excursions




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