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Nature / Eco Treks  -  Walks  - Strolls

THV-01  Rainforest Nature Trek - full day of escarpments">


Nature / Eco Treks  -  Walks  - Strolls

THV-01  Rainforest Nature Trek - full day of escarpments, streams, tropical garden & beach  

THV-02 Village and jungle gardens stroll. Here shell money necklaces are made for bride price

THV-03 Dugout Canoe Trip along the lagoon and into the eerie mangrove river....

THV-04 Bugs, critters, birds, tree possums & parrots nearby for the kids

THV-05 Crocodile Experience - Snapping jaws are all around as we glide off into the mangroves..... 

THV 06 Coral Atoll Snorkeling / Beachcombing - a day of exploring the white sand islands by boat near Kavieng


Get Physical Sports 

THV-20 Scuba Diving - World Class diving with our own resident Divemaster.  Daily dives from Kavieng or a 2 - 7 day U/W Expedition to the islands and atolls.

THV-21 Cycle Ride for half or full day... cruise into Kavieng or East along the coastal villages 

THV-22 Reef Snorkel Guided Tour - Our Padi Dive Master will introduce you to safe snorkeling

THV-23 Kavieng Golf Day - 2 x nine holes with caddy, clubs and lunch provided

THV-24 Afternoon Fishing - join our Banana Boat trolling the off the reef for Mackerel or Tuna

THV-25 Sport Fishing Game Boat- get out amongst the action with Palegic Pursuits

THV-26 Surfin Surfari - In search of the perfect wave we follow the coast in the 4WD Explorer

THV-27 Island Day Trip - Your own white sand island for a day to snorkel or beachcombing


those easy Activities 

THV-30 Pamper yourself with a relaxing Aromatherapy Massage... we use our own essential oils

THV-31 Coastal Road 4WD Tour - visit the oil palm wharf, Cathy's eel's & Fissoa swimming  hole

THV-32 Tropical Beach Party - Island Band, Pig on a Spit & Mumu meal.... dance into the evening

THV-33 Fireflies flashing their bioluminescence during evenings.. whole trees that pulse in time


Culture & Malagan Tradition

THV-40 Cultural Dances deliver wild flashes of colour, blood curdling yells & glistening bodies

THV-41 Malagan Carver - Visit the traditional Haus Boi where carvers work on their ancient skills

THV-42 Pouripouri Sanguma Man  -  The traditional magic of Melanesia continues......


Private Expeditions

THV-50 Exclusive Expeditions - Follow your dream on land or sea..... personalized excursions

THV-51  Cycle Tourisimo for 2, 3 or 4 days... explore the coastline staying in village guesthouses



All published tours provided by the TreeHouse include transfers. Tours where you have to connect with other operators will attract a transfer cost from the TreeHouse to Kavieng Rtn.




Nature / Eco Treks  -  Walks  - Strolls


THV-01   RAINFOREST NATURE TREK  (Full Day Trip - Grade 3   min 6 pax)

The rainforests of New Ireland are particularly impressive on the West Coast of the island. 

We depart in the morning. It is a 40 minute drive across the island in our TreeHouse transport to the top of Mt. Poton, which is really a hill overlooking the rainforest. The flora and fauna is abundant with red & green eclectic parrots and lorikeets calling out and flying overhead. 

Here you take the easy down-hill walk, with our guides, following age old trail, beneath the rainforest canopy across the stream to the white sand beach. You will see the cave where fishing parties have sheltered for centuries.

Arriving at the beach you can cool off with a freshly gathered kulau (drinking) coconut, swim or snorkel while your barbecue & salad meal is being prepared by our staff. During the afternoon our banana boat takes you the 10 minute run into Balum Harbor. Here you re- join the TreeHouse Transport for the 40 minute drive back across the island to the Treehouse Village EcoResort. 

Min 6 persons AUD$75 each  - advance booking required


THV-02   VILLAGE & JUNGLE GARDEN STROLL     ( 1 - 2 Hour Trip     Grade -1    min 2 pax)

Going on a Village & Garden visit near the TreeHouse you will see the Melanesian lifestyle up close.  The picking of fresh fruit and harvesting of organically grown food is done daily. The villagers also gather house building materials from the jungle to maintain their cottages or build new homes. You may see the making of the swamp sago flour or the preparation of a mumu meal wrapped in banana leaves to be cooked on hot stones. In this area are the bird wing butterflies, the totally black Niuailan Drongo bird of paradise, sea eagles, the cuscus tree possums, local wood pigeons and a whole range of parrots.

Min 2 persons AUD$15 each



THV-03    DUGOUT CANOE TRIP    ( 4hr   Grade - 2   min 4 pax  book the day before )

Elegantly board your outrigger canoe in front of your TreeCottage. Our guide will assist you paddle along the shallow lagoon following the beach to Ullbom Stream. Here you paddle under the bridge and into the mangroves.... your world has now changed.... sort of like living a Harry Potter movie. The eerie sensation is accentuated only by the sounds of birds, insects and the splashing of the paddle. Go as far into the swamps as you humanly dare...

Paddling back out into the sunlight your barbecue/picnic lunch is waiting for you on the beach. A dip in the lagoon and you are refreshed, ready for a leisurely paddle back to the Treehouse passing by the village folks out fishing for the evening meal.

Min 4 persons AUD$30 each - advance booking required


THV-04    BUGS N CRITTERS N BUTTERFLIES - KIDS TOUR ( 2hrs   Grade - 1     min 2 pax )

Something for the kids.... a guided hunt with the village kids for tropical flora and fauna. Under nearly every leaf there is a skink or caterpillar. Checkout the 'legged' mud-skippers and crazy looking crabs in the mangroves and inspect the huge variety of butterflies and beetles in the gardens. Raid the jungle fruits and drink your own kulau coconut fresh off the tree. You'll come back with real live samples and a list of dozens of critters that Mom & Dad will hate you for. 

Contact for costing



THV-05    CROCODILE EXPERIENCE  ( 3 hours   Grade - 0     min 6 pax  booking required)

Snapping Jaws -  the reality of boating in close proximity of crocs in not for the faint hearted. We depart late afternoon into the backwaters of their mangrove habitat. They slither into the water and out light picks up their glowing orange eyes. The wider between the eyes.... the longer the croc.

Min 4 persons AUD$40 each- advance booking required



THV-06   CORAL ATOLL SNORKELING / BEACHCOMBING Sn ( 5 hours   Grade - 0     min 4 pax  booking required)

Take the morning 4WD Explorer into Kavieng where you board your banana boat for the 20 minute trip to the small, exotic Emago or Ral Islands. Washed by the Pacific Ocean surf on one side and the Tigak Islands lagoon on the other these atolls offer an exciting snorkel experience.  You may just like to explore the white sand beachs and inshore corals. A picnic lunch is served and it's time to visit the next island. Returning at 2pm to Kavieng you may have time to troll for fish in the way back.

Min 4 persons AUD$75 each - advance booking required




Get Physical Sports 

THV-20    SCUBA DIVING       ( 2 or 3 Dives     5 Hours trip   pre booking required )

New Ireland is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the north and the Bismark Sea to the south. These oceans bring nutrients to the channels between the islands near Kavieng which attract a vast and impressive range of pelagic's and reef fish. Barracuda and trevelly will circle  above you in the current. There is a range of sharks from black & white tip reefers, whalers, bull, hammerheads & silvertips... just hope you do not see them all on one dive. The soft & hard corals are alive and well with their own microcosm world all around. Spot the 1cm pigmy seahorse. The TreeHouse can take you out diving daily or we can book other operators for you.

Contact for costing - please provide duration & number of pax - advance booking required



THV-21    CYCLE RIDE (4hr or 1 Day Trip   Grade - 2 )

There is nothing like a whilwhil (pidgin for bike) to experience the perspiring freedom...... the smells of the tropical coast and a view of the local scenery at your own pace. The main highway is in excellent condition and fortunately... mostly flat. There is only little traffic on most days. A guide can be provided on request.

There are two choices when departing the Treehouse. Turn right....  and you are heading for Kavieng, just a 20klm ride where you can cruise the town, harbour and market at your leisure. Purchase a cold drink and it is time to head back home again. 

or...   turn left and you are off down the Buluminski Highway. Cyclists are good entertainment for the locals and they love to wave out, make bird noises and may even hand you flowers. This section of the highway is awesome, following the coast with traditional villages every few kilometers. You can park at any beach (ask permission) share your picnic lunch with your new found friends. Take a refreshing swim and it will be time to head home to the Treehouse again. 

2 - 4 day Cycle Expeditions for larger groups can be arranged on request.



THV-22   REEF/LAGOON SNORKEL -GUIDED  (2 hrs  Grade - 1  min 4pax book the day before)

Our PADI Dive Master will introduce you to safe snorkeling. Safely sitting on the beach you will learn about the shells, fish and corals to be aware of when snorkeling. Some inshore marine animals have a defense system which you need to know about. They do not attack... but you may get stung if miss-handle them or bump them. 

Once you are wet, many of the safe and interesting species  will be pointed out to you in the shallow waters, right in front of the Treehouse. Our sandy lagoon is safe to swim in any time and there are no stingers. At a balmy 26 degrees the lagoon water changes regularly with the tide. 



THV-23    KAVIENG GOLF DAY   (  6 Hours    Grade - 1     min 2 pax )

We drive you to Kavieng Town for relaxing day with your own caddy, hire clubs and Club House lunch. The Kavieng Golf Course...  a scenic 2 x 9 hole course that makes you feel like out-driving your partner and sinking putts just like the Pro's. Play your first round




THV-24    AFTERNOON FISHING       ( 1 .5 Hours      min 2 pax  Book in the morning)

Board our 14ft banana boat and navigate the passage in front of the TreeHouse to where the fish are waiting for you. Trolling always works well in the late afternoon for a mackerel or tuna. You can also drift outside the reef, bottom fishing for coral trout & snapper. Gear provided. Return at dusk with the 'Catch of the Day'.



THV-25    SPORT FISHING GAME BOAT     ( 1/2 or daily rates  pre booked as charter)

This is serious fishing and you get taken out to where the action is. New Ireland waters abound in a vast selection of pelagic's and bill fish due to the abundance of species which still exist in the food chain. There is a choice of the more economical outboard dingy, set up for trolling, or choose the 26ft cabin cruiser for the day. Palegic Pursuits will provide their current rates to you on request or we can book for you.

Contact for costing - please provide duration & number of pax - advance booking required



THV-26    SURFIN SURFARI     ( 1/2 or full day )

You provide the boards and we provide the transport on the 4WD Explorer Truck. There are seven known surfing locations along the coast from Kavieng. Best months are November to April. We check out the coast for the best wave. Lunch on the beach on our full day trips until you are fully surfed up.

Min 4 persons AUD$45 each- advance booking required



those easy Activities 



Pamper yourself with a relaxing Aromatherapy Massage... we use our own homemade, tropical essential oils....  hmmmmm is that Noni, Coconut, Papaya or Alovera I smell. 

Our Masseur - Yangi, applies a combination of Melanesian & Swedish techniques to relax and lull your stressed and exhausted body into a deep feeling of tomorrow. Some even Zzzzzz off and wake up when it is all over..... missing all the good bits! Treat your self to this luxury at least once while you are staying with us and you may want to do it again... and again.... and again....

AUD$40 each - booking required



THV-31    COASTAL ROAD 4WD TOUR  (5hr    Grade - 1    min 4 pax)

Board the TreeHouse 4WD Explorer, roll up the canvas sides and we cruise leisurely off down the highway east. 

There are many traditional villages along the coastal highway until we reach Lakuramau where we drive out over the reef onto the ocean ramp. This is where the oil palm is shipped from. 

 At Lulagun you will meet Cathy or her family who have a collection of speckled green and gray, fresh water eels. They slide their velvety bodies past your ankles as they swim up-stream to be fed. The sort of experience that makes you realize that there is wild life all around us.

New Ireland is a coral up-thrust island. It does not experience earthquakes and has no volcanic activity. The island's limestone substrate has underground streams fed from the rain fall on the mountains that surface on or near the coast as blue, freshwater springs. Many of these subterranean streams surface as blue springs near the coast and provide a plentiful supply of fresh water to the villages. At Fissoa the Mission has a freshwater swimming area and we stop there for lunch. 

After everyone has a relaxing waswas and is properly watered and fed, we board the Explorer for our return to the Treehouse. 

Min 4 persons AUD$45 each - advance booking required


THV-32    TROPICAL BEACH PARTY     ( 4 hours )

The band is playing local reggae, the pig is roasted, the drinks are served and the tropical buffet is waiting.... it's party time! You and your invited guests socialize and move with the music... on the beach, in the Haus Wind and under the TreeHouse. Other locations are available if you want to be adventurous. Tell us if you would like a theme and we will deliver...

Min 4 persons AUD$75 each - advance booking required



THV-33    THE PULSATING WORLD OF FIREFLIES     ( 1 hour   Grade - 0     min 1 pax )

The buzz of observing the mating display of the male firefly is memorable in that they do it all together and in time! Emitting a cold, bioluminescent light from under their wings the pulsate in unison often covering a whole tree just like Christmas lights. 

Min 2 persons AUD$20 each



Culture & Malagan Tradition

THV-40    CULTURAL DANCE PERFORMANCE        ( 1 Hour      Group Fee    booking required )

Wild flashes of colour, blood curdling yells and rhythmic actions excite the mind and imagination as glistening bodies adorned in tribal decoration perform age old singsing dances and chants from a time before. The format changes depending on the cultural activities in the area. It can be Spirit Mask warriors, Masalai Theatre or the Meri's Dance accompanied by the Maimai.

Min 4 persons AUD$25 each - advance booking required



THV-41    MALAGAN CARVER         ( 5 Hour drive   min 4 pax) 

The Malagan culture and tradition  is specific to New Ireland and is noted for the distinct designs and colours of the carvings. these range from a range of wigged masks to friezes to totems to almost life size men in a canoe. Most Malagan carvings have a natural ocre base colour with colored features of blue, yellow, red and white. The actions and objects carved on the Malagan relate to the story from Timbuna... the past. This is not a visit to a store or warehouse but we drive for two hours down the highway to meet the carvers in their own Haus Boi to see them at work. If you wish to purchase a particular carving it would be best order it a month or two in advance. Some finished carvings may be on sale.

Min 4 persons AUD$65 each - advance booking required



THV-42     POURIPOURI SANGUMA MAN    ( Min 2 pax 1 - hour     book the day before ) 
Chants and the mystique of the ancient Melanesian tradition of magic and sorcery has been inherent in the culture for centuries. Our Sanguma Man has powers passed on down to him, through his family. There is the preparation and aura surrounding a meeting with the Sanguma. He can look at the past and into the future. Ask him what your future will bring? A very memorable and personal experience. 

Min 1 persons AUD$50 each - advance booking required





THV-50    EXCLUSIVE EXPEDITIONS      ( 1 - 10 days  1 mth prior booking required )

So you want to spend time exploring or to focus on some other unique activity of your own choice, even to a very remote area in the islands region or PNG. It may be expensive... but we deliver that exclusive option. Alun Beck (Captain - Ocean Sail & PADI Master-Diver) will personally facilitate all approvals, the appropriate transport travel services, suitable accommodation & meals, translations and provide equipment like dive gear, tanks & refills, fishing tackle, camping equipment or what ever is required etc. We can deliver a private island, a specialist dive ( submarine, aircraft, ships), a particular fish species (sharks, manta's, turtle, pelagic's), memorable film shoots, exotic cultural activity or just a Melanesian adventure. 

Contact for costing - please provide duration & number of pax - advance booking required



THV-51  CYCLE TURISIMO   for 2, 3 or 4 days...

This your chance to get away for a few days and explore at your own pace. The 18 speed bikes are equipped with tool and puncture repair kits. You leave the TreeHouse heading East following the coast highway. There are villages at regular intervals all the way along the coast and the friendly village folks will wave and call out to you. By afternoon you arrive at the village guesthouse who provide you with a cozy bed and local meals. You have the time to see New Ireland at it's best. The fresh sea breezes, the smell of the jungle and the freedom of two wheels. 

Contact for costing - please provide number of pax - advance booking required

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